iphone se waterproof 2020

iphone se waterproof 2020.It does NOT have an official IP rating so technically it’s not…

But from my understanding, Apple had added water-proofing measures to the iPhone SE, 6s, and 6s Plus and if you look at online videos, people have done water dunk tests and apparently it did survive.. BUT I would strongly advise you don’t assume your iPhone SE is water-resistant because according to the teardown by iFixIt, there were only some water-resistant seals and some parts are NOT sealed. I think that Apple designed the iPhone SE to be rain and maybe splash resistant.. not actually water-resistant by submersion. It’s important to keep in mind just because a phone survived a water submersion test that it will be fine later… usually the damage does not appear right away and may take a day or two to fully show. So when you watch those water submersion test videos, keep that in mind. Also, if you use it in the shower, The water pressure is a lot stronger and that force may break through any waterproofing seal of a phone.

iphone se waterproof 2020
iphone se waterproof 2020

I highly suggest you simply buy a waterproof smartphone bag which is like $10 on Amazon. The bad is clear so you could still touch the screen of the phone and also take photos. What people don’t realize with water proofing is when the screen is wet, the touch screen goes crazy and gets confused.. so really it’s not easy to use the phone when it’s wet anyways.. the water resistant bag will make it easier to use as the touch screen stays dry.

It looks as if Apple supplementary some waterproofing measures to the iPhone SE, even as it did to the iPhone 6s and therefore the 6s and.
Still, do not go dunking your iPhone in water anytime shortlysimplyto check this. iPhones area unit still not totally waterproof.The school teardown web site iFixit had its method with the iPhone SE and took it apart to seek out foam polymer seals designed to stay liquids out from internal components, together with the front camera, volume controls, and rear camera connectors.

Not all the componentsarea unit sealed, however, that suggests the iPhone SE isn’t entirely immune to water, because the Samsung Galaxy S7 is.

Indeed, Apple hasn’t formally same the iPhone SE, or the 6s/6s and, is immune to water, whereas Samsung actively boasts water-resistance joined of the Galaxy S7’s process options.

That means you mustn’t consciously drop your iPhone SE in water, or pour Champagne over it as Lil’ Wayne will in Galaxy S7 commercials.Considering that Apple has supplementary water resistant waterproofing in its past few phone releases (SE, 6s, 6s Plus), we would expect future iPhone’s to owns minimum of some water-resistance — and perhaps even full water-resistance.

this is the proof videos

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